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You’d think that a story about a sexy, naked, lesbian forest cult and their gender-bending queer leader who destroy the patriarchy by dressing the nation’s head honcho in drag would be a very modern kind of story, right? You’d be wrong. Jake and Liam revisit the bloody story of Dionysus and the Bacchae and discover just how little has changed since 405 BC. 

Special episode in partnership with FBi's 'All the Best' out now!

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VERTICAL DREAMS follows the solitary quarantine of a germaphobe during the COVID-19 pandemic, who teaches himself to lucid dream in order to grapple with his debilitating nightmares. As his ability to lucid dream develops, he discovers an idyllic shopping mall within his subconcious, the forgotten memories of people he once knew, and the ability to bring objects out of his dreams and into reality.

Currently casting for vocal performers.

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A new bathhouse has opened up in the shadows of Melbourne's outer suburbs. But what are they selling exactly? Why, only raw emotion in its most pure and undiluted form of course. Following a civilian murder at the bathhouse, the lives of six different people become entangled within the politics, gang war, and police investigation of the miracle drug through the gripping story of • B A T H • 


Currently being scripted.

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