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A new venture for Next Neville Media - podcasting is becoming an ever-increasingly popular mode for fictional and factual storytelling. Keeping up with the zeitgeist, Next Neville Media is now able to provide everything you need for your next audio-series, with music excepted (we can't do everything after all!)

Listen below to our first show (that we executive produced) and stay tuned in for our original and upcoming fictional narrative series - Vertical Dreams and • B A T H • - as well as our special episode on ABC's 'All the Best'.


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Whether you're hunting a director for your next music video, a cinematographer for your next short film, or a videographer to capture the magic of your wedding - Next Neville Media has got you covered for that and much much more!


With over seven years of experience in the film industry, we can cater to any kind of filmmaking task (including livestreaming) as well as provide your next film crew member or even editor. You need only ask!

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Got an amazing image in your head but your hands just don't know how to make that happen? Not to worry!


Working under the 'edgier' guise of GAG Graphics, Next Neville Media can design and illustrate in a variety of styles and formats to put together your dream illustration, logo, movie poster, web design or even tattoo!

Keep an eye out for some incoming original products like bandanas, custom card decks, caps, totes and tees!

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Writing doesn't come very naturally to you? Fantastic. It doesn't come very naturally to us either. Thankfully though, what we lack in natural-born talent, we make up for in time spent studying and a few little tricks picked up over the years.

You'll find examples of our previous work in fiction writing through prose, screenwriting and podcasting, as well as some journalism too. And if you're looking for examples of our copy... you've been reading it this whole time!

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